Thursday, March 15, 2012

When boredom attacks.

well, the other night carsen and i were overcome with intense boredom. it was the kind of boredom is incurable. no idea had any sort of appeal to us. "wanna go on a walk?" NO. "wanna go to campus?" no. "wanna watch a movie?" no. and so on.

after about an hour of staring at the ceiling we had finally come up with something. there was only one thing that could keep us entertained in our very small apartment... puzzles. we also ended up getting coloring books as well.

 as you can see we were very thrilled. 

it is surprising how much time passes when you are doing a puzzle. we hardly even talked for hours because we were engrossed in our work. i am telling you right now... puzzles will heal your boredom!

 the next day... sunday. we got home from church and immediately started working again.
for several more hours.

 the final product. 

moral of the story... when boredom attacks... break out the puzzle.