our story.

 well, it all started in mrs. larsen's 5th grade class at eagle elementary. but we really only ever knew of each others existence... not much more.

not until high school, that's where our story really begins. Carsen and i had the same group of friends starting sophomore year. that's about the time when people started dating. we were never interested in one another and never spent much time alone... we were always surrounded by friends. this all changed a few weeks before our senior year.

it seemed like no one was in town... that is, except for carsen. so we got together, just the two of us. conversation came surprisingly easy, as we explored eagle (our hown town) in my car. near the end of our night together we were sitting in my car listening to music and talking at a park. a slow song came on the radio and carsen asked me to dance. hmmm wow... ok. and from then on we were friends... true friends.

it seemed as though when our senior year started we had just about every single class together. we weren't already in the same class we had the same teacher so we were constantly talking about homework and what not. it didn't take long for us to become inseparable. not as a couple but as best friends.

then homecoming came along. of course, carsen asked me to be his date. and of course, i said yes. but something was changing in the relationship in the weeks before the dance. the flirting  but i was having too much fun flirting with everyone including carsen.

Homecoming was great. We were happy together… no pressure just awesome friends who were secretly really attracted to each other. We were flirtatious together and acted much like a dating couple would… but I was still on the fence. 

After the dance he took me home, walked me up to my door and we said our goodbyes, but before I could take one step towards the door He swung back into his arms so that we were face to face. there was no question what he wanted. i wanted it too but I was scared that if I started a relationship with anyone that it wouldn’t last long... and carsen was too good of a friend to treat him like all my other high school flings. i couldn't kiss him. He let me go and walked back to his car. 

i could have been mature about what happened but instead i acted distant and awkward and for several weeks i alienated myself from my closest friends... and i was miserable! but after a few months of this self-torture we found a way to be friends again. remember how i said we had every class together? well finals week came and guess who my study partner was... yep... carsen.

within a few days we were back to our old selves and i was so much happier. its interesting how certain people improve your life so drastically. we spent as much time together as we possibly could. there was not a day that went by that we didn't see each other... and we liked it that way.

it also didn't take too long for us to fall back into "like" with each other. i liked him and he knew it. he like me and i knew it. but of course we never admitted to each other. no, instead our good friend decided one day that he was tired of being the "middle-man"... so he let the cat out of bag. so finally we had a DTR (determine the relationship), but we decided not to start dating. i'm not kidding when i tell you had commitment issues, long term relationship was not in vocabulary. nope, instead we decided to take it slow. 

prom came along a month later,  and lets just say i was done taking it slow. i wasn't sure if carsen would go in for another kiss after the last one... but i really wanted him too. Prom was wonderful, i'll spare you all the details and get to the good stuff. when he took me home he parked the car at the bottom of my hill (i obviously live on a hill). he turned on the same song that we danced to at the park many months before, and then once again he asked me to dance. and once the dance was finally done... i got that kiss.

from there it takes off. he was already my best friend so it really didn't take long to figure out that i was head-over-heals in love with him. it didn't take him that long either :). that summer after high school was a blast, and i got to spend everyday of it with him.

summer 2008

that day he told me i had amish hair... who says that?

carsen, derek, landon, katie, briana

then comes college... another very fun time for us.

then carsen turned into elder dumas and went off to germany...

yes. this is a mission pic.

and i wrote him... every single week for 2 long years...
sport'n my germany shirt and carsen's hat

halloween in hawaii

hawaii with my best bro
averi... best friend and dance partner
sisters always make the best roommates

and then... he came home!

needless to say... i was happy again...

 and then it was back to life... but now we were together

halloween 2011

now we are married... December 17, 2011... for time and all eternity.

and now we enjoy the little things... together.

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  1. LOVE the blog! You did a great job! Aunt Sam