Thursday, January 23, 2014

Soooo it's been awhile...

WOW! Can't say I didn't see this coming, start a blog and then abandon it. It may have had something to do with where we moved to in California. That pretty apartment I was showing off in my last post was the most stressful thing that had ever happened in my life. Long story short- we paid over $1,675 a MONTH for a one bedroom, no internet, no cable, no utilities, and no furniture. Needless to say that summer was a little rough. We made some wonderful friends but we will NEVER try to do summer sales again.
I can't believe this is one of the only pictures I have of these ladies, so many fun memories. Love you Emily and Steph!
Carsen and I had never worked so hard in our lives. It was a challenging experience but we learned so much... so much about each other. We grew so close together, I guess that is what happens when you deal with hardships with one another. In a big way it was a blessing, because now we know how wonderful our life is!! HAHA!

Carsen and I were able to enjoy a few things about California. Carsen especially loved the sports games.
Carsen's best bud Landon
Carsen's best bud Bree
Some of the best times we had were when we just left to do something on our own. We didn't have to tell anyone, we just went, on our own little adventures.
We went to the aquarium, and then had the most wonderful seafood of all time!
Our favorite place- Balboa Island
And then... we left that place. Wrote a long vent entry in my journal and put that part of our lives in the past... and started our lives back in Idaho.

We moved back into our little apartment but now we have much more furniture and let me tell you... have "things" is actually AWESOME!
Carsen saved up to purchase his most prescious item... his TV. I have enjoyed decorating the house with pretty things (its cuter now, this is an older picture)
thanks mom for the couches
We got a little nephew! We fell in love with him! His name is Carter and he just lights up the room. We miss him terribly though because he moved away to Arkansas with his parents... :(
We spent lots of time with our friends having adventures like going to Mesa Falls...
Love him
so romantic
Lindsay girl
One of my fondest memories of this last summer was going to the park with my husband. Nothing is better than laying on a blanket, relaxing, no stress, no California, no summer sales, having a picnic, and just being content with life.

 Then things got cold again and we started going back to school. Thank goodness for those lazy summer days because we are more busy than ever. I work at the WalMart Pharmacy and Carsen is now working as a physical therapy tech at Rexburg Rehabilitation.

So there is your update for now... More coming soon... I hope