Monday, February 13, 2012

Our 1st Home.

I am starting a blog. I figure there are certain things I want to share with my friends and family that Facebook doesn't care to know about. So... here we go.

Probably the most exciting thing that has happened since Carsen and I got married is that we were able to move into our own apartment in Rexburg. Although we may not have much, being able to decorate our first home was a BLAST! And after several hours of cleaning I have taken several pictures... mostly to update my family, but also to keep a record of how awesome being a newlywed is. 

This is in our front room. The TV was donated to us by Carsen's older brother Cameron and his wife Krystal... Thank you! Our lovely bookshelf is also a gift from a one of Carsen's friends/converts from the mission (pretty much everything in our house is a gift from a friend or family member... we are seriously so thankful for you guys). The "DUMAS" license plate is from Carsen's mission in Germany. Carsen put together the book shelf with his "man tools" and then decorated it all by himself with his "womanly touch".

This is our chair. No... we do not have a couch, just this one chair which Carsen and I share. We have become pros at fitting in this chair together. We can't sit side by side so we have to be a little creative... back to back, spooning, one in front of the other. For now, I can live with just a chair but I can see myself getting pretty sick of it pretty soon.

Our first family portrait displayed on the wall. 
The kitchen. Now that I think about it I probably should have turned on some lights to take these pictures, but to save energy the lights are never on during the day and I pretty much live in my electric blanket to stay warm.

Adorable... right?

I am very much still learning how to cook like a real wife... I think Carsen is still losing weight despite my efforts. After almost every meal I have to ask is he is full... and sometimes he is... sometimes.

Our lovely kitchen table. 

This is the bonus room/study/storage room. Carsen usually studies at the desk and I built myself a make-shift bed/chair so that I can be next to Carsen when he is studying. Also this is the only room in which we can have internet.

And this is everything we can't decide what to do with. We are moving in just two months so we wanted to keep some boxes and this is my best attempt at organizing them.

Our bathroom.

... with our awesome shower curtain. 

Carsen's side of the bed (our Christmas gift from my parents... thank you Mom and Dad). And that would be our newest addition to the family (the mousy looking elephant in the middle of the bed) Pudder. Carsen won him from a claw machine on the first try and now believes he was meant to be in our family... and that he deserve a spot on the bed.

My side of the bed. We didn't have another bedside table so I took one of then many boxes we had lying around and got creative. Do you like my table cloth made out of a towel??? Me too.

And our closet... those plastic drawers would be our dresser. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Hopefully there will be more blogs to come. Love you all.

The Newest Dumas Family

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  1. Oh my heck Bri, this is SUPER cute! Definitely love the kitchen, it's huge!! Love it :)