Wednesday, April 25, 2012

it ain't much... but it's home

playing at the beach (malibu)

welcome to our second home! it is a little sparse but we have all that we need and that is good enough for us.

the bed... or should i say mattress
 we didn't want to rent any furniture because...
  1. we won't be in the apartment that much... especially carsen
  2. it was super expensive and even if we buy a few things it would probably be less than one months rent in furniture
  3. this summer is an adventure
the kitchen... so freaking nice

our family room and dinning room were completely bare up until two days ago when our extremely gracious neighbors (who are also selling/working with us) decided to lend us their extra couch and coffee table. now we actually have a place to sit and a place to eat... so glad to have now.

and the bathroom. much bigger than our last and much nicer... even though we don't have much in this apartment... i think i will miss it when we leave.

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